Meet Loueen

An artist from Australia

Loueen was born in Australia and began painting when she was just 11 years old.  She connected with the whole process of creating artwork from the beginning and attended a school that offered a range of specialist subjects – including Art.

She went on to study Fine Art, majoring in painting, at college and then moved from her native Australia to travel and eventually settled in England.  Loueen had a variety of jobs alongside raising her two children – but art was always an important part of her life.

“I remember having a piece of work on the wall in the kitchen and working on it in between cooking meals, sorting out the kids and running the home.  I’d add a few strokes of the pencil or dabs of paint with one hand whilst wiping a toddler’s face with the other!  I just couldn’t be without it.”

Now her children are grown up Loueen has become a full-time artist creating glowing images that breathe life and delight the viewer. Her art glows with the same passion you’ll see when you meet her in person.

“For me, it is about revealing the beauty that I see within the ordinary, the simple things and scenes that are around us every day.” 

If you haven’t already explored the Gallery, please do so now and, if you’d like to keep in touch with Loueen’s latest projects, follow the Facebook Page and get an insight into how new artwork is created. 


All Loueen's paintings are for sale. Please contact her on  for details of prices 


Loueen Morrison - Artist