Beautiful images to live with

Beauty enhances any environment, whether that’s your living space at home or a place where people sit in your workplace.  An original painting energises the room and provides food for the soul; everyone sees something different and responds in their own way to the images.

When you find a picture that you connect with you’ll get pleasure from it for years and years to come, discovering something new every time you look.

Painting with passion

There’s something about an original painting, whether it’s in pastel, oils or watercolour – it has a unique energy.  The artist’s passion for their subject is captured in the image; it’s something you don’t get with a photograph or print.

The picture grows with the artist translating their vision into an image and the viewer of the finished artwork completes the work.

Still life – with movement

Loueen specialises in still life – but even everyday objects attain movement when they’re presented on canvas with sweeping brush strokes and jewel colours.

Take a look at the exquisite floral themed paintings, see things from a different perspective with Loueen’s spotlight on the ordinary and enjoy exploring the gallery to find artwork that you’ll fall in love with.

All Loueen's paintings are for sale. Please contact her on  for details of prices  

Loueen Morrison - Artist